Coming Soon! Share Not Sell vol.3

Share Not Sell vol.3

What Is Share Not Sell??
Share not sell is a worldwide based digital compilation that allows you to promote your music all over the world. And this is a Non-Profit compilation, because everyone can be free to download this compilation.
Why it must be digital??
Internet is a fast way to promote anything, and i think it's the best way to grab the listener when the compilation is free for download.  Besides that, depending on the distribution cost for physical releases that would need a high cost, so i think it is the best, simple and cheaper way to promote your music all over the world. 
Which band who can join this compilation??
Definitely your band dude!!! Everyone can join this compilation! *but i'll choose your best stuff, and don't worry my opinion is very objective. Sorry if you think your stuff is innapropriate, don't send me your stuff then. :D kidding, i just testing your mental!
How to Submit your band??
This is the Important one, send me your best stuff in a best quality format, you can only send me one stuff. Attach the file with your complete band profile. *dont forget to attach the information of the song as well. Then send the file that i need to :

if you have more question, just hit me on twitter by following this account : @TalkPMA

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