Propagandhi - Failed States Release [News]

Yes, today Spetember 4th,2012. Propagandhi has releasing their monumental stuff (after "Supporting Caste") this is the 6th studio album which called "Failed States", the album was licensed under Epitaph records as well, you guys can buy this album by following this link [buy on kingsroadmerch]

 01. Note to Self
02. Failed States
03. Devil's Creek
04. Rattan Cane
05. Hadron Collision
06. Status Update
07. Cognitive Suicide
08. Things I Like
09. Unscripted Moment
10. Dark Matters
11. Lotus Gait
12. Duplicate Keys Icaro (An Interim Report)
13. The Fucking Rich Fuck the Poor
14. The Days You Hate Yourself
15. Failed States (Experimental Prototype)

you can listen the streaming on their facebook page

[Official website]
[Buy the album]

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