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Kali ini Interview datang dari band Punk asal Paris Perancis, siapa yang tak kenal Straightaway, salah satu band punk yang telah berhasil memikat para skatepunkers di beberapa negara, Interview ini agak singkat dan memang mereka jawab disela - sela proses rekaman album terbaru mereka yang nantinya akan mereka beri judul "Last Exit To Nowhere" so what are you guys doin??? ayo baca! :D

1. Hello Straightaway, how you guys doin by the way??Hey man, we’re doing great. A bit tired because of the recording of the new record and it’s always very demanding not to mention recording days are usually very long but other than that we’re good. Stoked actually to be finally in studio and know that this album will be released soon!

2. I know that you guys is in the middle of making the new album, how is it going??
So far so good. We have recorded the drums and the guitars, Fab is doing the bass takes as I’m writing this. Then I’m on for vocals and I’m a bit stressed cuz I haven’t written all the lyrics despite the shitload of time that I’ve had. Anyway the sound’s cool and that’s nice as we didn’t really like the production we had on Democracy Of Spreading Poverty.

3. Can you guys tell us about the upcoming album?? I’ve heard the two new song on your sneak peak video, and I think there’s lot of downstruck part with the harmonis riff in each part, I’d really love that things, how you think about my opinion??It’s called Last Exit To Nowhere and will have 12 songs plus one interlude. The guitar layering on this record is different this time for a simple reason. Fab who used to play bass in the band took over the guitar duty when Saul left the band 3 years ago. That’s been a change for the better as Fab is a great guitar player and definitely doing great arrangements. So yeah you’re right, there’s been a change in the guitar work. We also have a new drummer aka Phil who’s incredibly skilled. He joined the band in may 2011 and that’s also affected the sound of the band I guess.

4. I think this album is would be so much different than Straightaway previous album, can you tell me what is exactly the different between is??I’m not sure this is will be very different from our previous stuff. Let’s say it’s just an evolution. I’m still the one behind the composition of all the songs and my voice will make it sound 100% Straightaway. However it’s not gonna be exactly the same record as DOSP which is a good thing obviously as it was released 5 years ago. On Democracy we wrote the songs in a pretty short time frame which was around a year and then headed to the studio. Three weeks before entering the studio we still had 3 songs left to write and Never Surrender was one of them. With all the issues we’ve faced over the last years, we’ve been writing songs for 6 years and that’s a lot. We didn’t keep many songs we wrote in the early stages as we were constantly writing new stuff. We’ve had the chance to decide which songs we wanted to keep and leave aside. The cool thing is that they sound different if you ask me, they definitely have a different vibe and sound diverse. We’ve tried to write songs with a different feeling, more dynamics, different tempos and kinda riffings. That would be the main difference with Democracy.

5. Lyrically, what is the main issue that you guys try to lift on this new album?? And on the whole album, what is the message that you guys try to tell to the listeners?There’s not one topic I try to cover. It’s mainly personal this time. It was too on DOSP but had a more social edge. A couple of songs still do on this new record including one called Weapons Of Massive Distraction which is about TV, magazines, ads trying to capture our eyes all the time and catch our attention. Other songs talk about time passing by too fast, breaking up with my girlfriend after 7 years, having the chance to still play in this band despite all the shit we’ve been through, trying to make the best even out of the worst situations, finding your own way in life. I want people to be positive, move forward. That demo we posted called Failure Is A Success could sum it up pretty well. With every fall comes a recovery, we learn from our mistakes and they help us to be wiser.

6. After you guys finishing the album, what is the band future plans??
I’m usually the kinda guy who makes plans in advance and this time I don’t. I never doubted this record would see the light and yet this is a big achievement for us to know this is finally happening. Many bands would have given up I assume but we love this band too much to call it a day. Not to mention it would be hard not to release these songs we love and put our heart into. We’re gonna talk to labels first and from there we’ll set a release date and will plan tours. This time we’d love to tour places we were asked to tour but didn’t have a chance to like South America, Japan, Indonesia.

7. Is there any some plan to doing some South East Asia tour?? For promoting the new album maybe?? would be great if I can see you guys here in Indonesia!
We would love to man! We get so many requests and so much love from Indonesia it’s hard not to want to tour there. However people asking you to play their country and making it happen for real are two different things! We’ll try hard to make this work. We play music to play it to anyone who wants to hear it, it’s a great way to travel, communicate, meet new people! If anybody is interested in helping us out, feel free to drop us a line.

8. Ehm can you guys tell me about the band member activity when they’re get a rest from the band activity, I mean their own activity beside they playing in a band.?? It would be nice if you can share with us ??
(p.s you guys don’t need answer this question if you guys think this question is related about the privacy :P )
We need to have jobs that allow us to play music and make a living at the same time. Fab works at a studio, Phil studies at the Paris music school and I run my own audiovisual production company, give guitar lessons for fun too cuz I like to teach it as I’m self-taught and love my students. I keep my fees low so that anyone can learn cuz learning music shouldn’t be something very expensive as it is in Paris.

9. Thanks for answering my question by the way, hopefully you guys can come to Indonesia and sharing some good times with us! :D so stoked with the upcoming new album!  fell free to ask me anything if you need information about the show here. Greetings from Indonesia.Thanks to you for this interview. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet if we make our way to Indonesia. That would be rad and we can’t thank you enough for the constant support you guys in Indonesia have shown! Rock on!

nah udah dapet sedikit bocoran kan soal album baru mereka nanti??hehe doakan saja mudah - mudahan rencana SE Asia tour mereka terealisasi :D and thanks to Lotfi for answering this interview, keep up the good work!
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