Bells - Our Forest, Our Empire [Album review]

Peaceful, yess that words is always on my mind, ehm. .actually I don’t have any idea to describe about instrumental band who devote their mind and soul to make some good music as you usually heard about this kind of band, cuz you know all of this kind of band is always good. And Bells presents to your ears about something who has strong ties which relating to the mind and soul. On “Our Forest, Our Empire” they like to bring us to some place which have that condition. Well let’s make some imagination, this kind of music is like give us some heart and soul “treatment”, I preffer to call this is like kind of mental or  spiritual conection (kick me if im too much :D) but yess that atmosphere is exquisite. It strongly feel in every / each wave of tone, guitar or bass strings passages, and drums beat. How peaceful it is. 

Our Forest Our Empires album tracklist :
1.    Fall
2.    Always Invisible
3.    Lights
4.    Daisy
5.    Phantoms
6.    Youth
7.    Mountains
8.    Wanderer
9.    Seeker Part1
10.    Seeker Part2
11.    We're Lost In Winter

The Album will out on August 28th, 2012, for pre order and more info please follow the contact list bellow.

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