Rooftop Runners (Band review)

The music of RTR ripples positively original pop waves through far darker lyrics than you?d expect from your typical Europop fair: a seething concoction of trippy electro beats and spine-shattering bass lines is equalized by soulful falsetto vocals and folksy guitars, putting the carefully crafted minimal hooks of the Rooftop Runners on par with maverick song-writing prowess from the likes of Thom Yorke, Damien Rice and Keith Richards/Mick Jagger.
Forging a mix of menacing mood and moving melody out of their adopted city of Berlin, Germany, RTR are Canadian singer-songwriter brother duo Benedikt and Tobias MacIsaac. An internationally accomplished choreographer and dancer respectively, the brothers are no strangers to performing-arts success, having toured and performed extensively with world class troupes in Europe. With fervent response from local music media and a growing fan-base, a European Tour starting this February and an eagerly-anticipated debut album due in 2012, the siblings seem set to drop their pioneer strand of Trip-Pop at us from rooftops the world over before long.

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