Interview with Trough These Eyes

Ah padahal interview ini sudah lama saya lakukan, sekitar 1 bulan yang lalu, tapi baru sempat posting akibat tugas kuliah yang menumpuk (sialan kau tugas membuat interview ini jadi tersendat. :P) tapi yasudahlah, yang penting di posting. Interview ini saya lakukan via email dengan vocalis dari Trough These Eyes, adalah Milomir yang berkenan menjawab semua pertanyaan saya ini. Dibaca dulu english versionnya, Indonesianya menyusul :D sikat jon!
1. Hello, how you doing?? By the way thanks for letting me to do this interview J can you introduce the band member Milomir?

Right now,I'm visiting my family and enjoying beautiful Ohrid lake in Macedonia...Band members are Djemba (guitar) Janbo (bass) Nemanja (drums) and myself on vocal

2. Eh I know Trough These Eyes from my friend blog in Indonesia, called Wethepeople!, can you explain me the story how the band can be formed??

Sometimes it's hard to find the right people for a tuck me 4 years to start TTE.people are not so much unto old school hardcore and sometimes, one should wait for the right time when people are interested for such a band and music.One should first try to inspire and share such music with friends,and than try to start a band

3. By the way are you ex member from “Strive for more”?? How if I or people think that this band is reincarnation from Strive for more, are you agree with that??

Yes, Strive For More was my first band, and Through These Eyes sounds similar as SFM, so for me it is something like a continuation of SFM.Some people sugest that I should keep the SFM name, but becouse I am the only one member from SFM I decided to give it a new name TTE.

4. Whats the first plan when you and the other band member decided to starting this band?

The idea is to play this music we grow up to, real and fast SxE style of hardcore and to show new kids the spirit of how it was back than, when true hardcore was played.

5. A few months ago you guys have been releasing  an E.P, Why you guys choose “How Long Will It Take” as the album title? can you explain me what the meanings about the album title?
EP title is a name of the song, wich was nessesery at that time for our scene here in Novi Sad. Song is about unity and friendship, and it put's a simple question, when we will wake up, and have good fun and use the potential to make nice shows and friendships.

6. Talk about the song, I love what I’ve heard, can you explain me about the meanings of each song?
“One heart to give“ is a song about selfless giving.In life we must learn that we are not the center of the universe, and that love is about sharing and careing. „Strength behind“ is a Straight Edge song.It talks about benefits of my way of life, and my decision to live this way. Also when we play it, it shows this spirit of '88 when SxE hardcore was greatest. „How long it will take“ as I sead is about call for real and true friendship and avoidig folse pretence, and making the scene all it can become.“Break through“ is ordinary phsihology song, filed with advices how to go through hard times and situations in life.

7. Eh I think it’s a little bit sounds like Champion or Have heart, how do you think?
Yes, Champion ,Judge, Chain of strength..., are bands we all lisen and we like to play and keep that spirit alive.
8. Are you write all of these song?, or maybe the other band member??
all the lyrics are written by me.

9. Talk about hardcore, what its mean for yourself and the other member of the band?
Hardcore is for me a way to express myself, my thoughts, energy, creativity, in music that I like, and of course an alternative to this worlds way and thinking.

10. How much Hardcore give some impact for you guys lives?
All members are into hardcore for about more than 10 years and myself for 20 years, so hardcore is big part of our lifes

11. By the way what your definition about Straight Edge??
One of my perspective on SxE is that SxE is something natural, our natural human state of being.

12. Since when you becoming straight edge? Can you explain me how the way you can know this lifestyle??
In one way I can say, I've been SxE whole my life. In high school 1991 I've heard of SxE lisening to Minor Threat, Youth of today, Judge, No for an answer, and from that time on I call myself SxE.

13.  If I said that “Hardcore and Straight Edge is affect us to be a  better person, or maybe its help us to build our character or personality”, are you agree with that?? How do you think??
definitivly, hardcore and SxE lyrics always talk about friendship, unity, respect...use your head, positive outlook, wise it have a positive influence on our caracter and build us as strong individuals, and it's giving us inspiration and strenght...there were hard moments in my life when I just rememered certain song and it helped me

14. Have you ever think to stop and leave this scene (Hardcore/punk scene)??(I hope not. :D haha. .)
unfortunately sometimes yes...when people talk shit and criticise, sometimes I wanna run away...but I don't care what some think, I know what I want, and who I wanna be...(lyrics of our song Strength Behind)

15. By the way how about Underground scene on your country? Especially hardcore and punk scene?
This year we formed a Rebuild collective, it's a collective formed by my friends and myself to build and rebuild hardcore scene in our town. So this year we made many shows, and booked many more for the future

16. You know sometimes people on this scene is feeling difficult to accepting the different,  how do you think about that?? (Cuz I think we’re all same, no matter who you are. No matter what musical genre that you’ve played. . )
one thing I would say about that...LIVE AND LET LIVE!

17. You’ve said that you have a plan to starting a new band, what kinds of band that you’ll form?
Melodic hardcore, with sound of Verse and Shinking Ships

18. If you starting a new band, how about trough these eyes??(i hope trough these eyes is still alive.)
Yes, Through These Eyes comes first, and it's important band for me...another is just still not manifested yet

19. Back to Trough These Eyes, by the way when the first full length album will come?? (Cant wait to hear more soon J. . .)
hopefuly in spring, first we'll record 2 new songs,then talk about album.

20. How do you think about D.I.Y (do it yourself) or D.I.W.Y.F (do it with your friends. :D) spirit today??
ooo, it's still alive, and we with Rebuild Collective plan to publish our bands, have a distro.

21. Are you guys still adjust that (D.I.Y) idealism in the band??
yes, our first EP is DYS and we like small hardcore record lables

22. Personally, what band which has gives you major influence?
Youth of Today, Chain of Strenth, Judge, Insted, Champion

23. Whats future plans of Trough These Eyes after all of this?? Maybe doing some South East Asia tour?? or maybe right now you guys on tour???

Plan is to record two new songs and than we will see about some small tour...

24. Finally I have to say thanks to you Milomir and all of the band member who allow me to do this interview, you guys so kind, J thanks for your attention, and hope we will meet someday. J Keep success for Trough These Eyes. Regards.
Thank you Sutedja for your interest ,hope to meet all of you...wish you all the best and loth of strength...your friend Milomir.

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