A Strength Within upcoming album - Still Searching 7"

Leuven based A Strength Within formed early 2009 and played in their first months of existance, support shows for bands like Killing The Dream [usa], Down To Nothing [usa], Maintain [usa], No Turning Back [nl], Dead Swans [uk], More Than Life [uk], etc... A first effort called 'Never Lose Sight', was picked up by the Austrian label 'Burning Season Records' (With Honor [usa], Morda [be], ...) and gave them the chance to do a first Euro tour in july 2010. This tour took them to countries like Germany, Serbia, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Luxemburg and let them play on summer festivals like Rock Herk [be] and Burning Season Fest [at]. On this tour they played with bands like Evergreen Terrace [usa], Death Before Dishonor [usa], Cruel Hand [usa], Another Breath [usa], Ruiner [usa], Carpathian [aut], and many more... They are now recording a 7inch which will be released in May 2011 on Perspective Records. Mid May they leave for a 2 week-during SE-Asia tour to promote this album and this will make them the first Belgian (hardcore) band ever that will play shows in this part of the world.

They releases 'Still Searching' & 'Different Directions' from their upcomming album. You can stream it now below at the Perspective Records website. (www.perspectiverecords.com) 'Still Searching' was recorded, mixed and mastered by Robin Carlo at Safehaven Recordings. Artwork done by Richey Beckett. With each copy of the release comes a free digital download coupon, good for a high quality mp3 download. 7''EP (available in black and white version) and digital, will be available May 21th, 2011 in Asia on United x Front Records and Stick Tight! Records and June 5th, 2011 on Perspective Records. Pre-order your copy here, or send an e-mail to info@perspectiverecords.com. The first 50 orders, come with a free limited poster.

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