Out Now. .!!! Share Not Sell - Digital compilation.

Share Not Sell is a D.I.Y compilation, this is the digital compilation for underground scene from various country, well this is our scene, love to share, regardless race, religion, and social status, we're all same, we're one, we're unity.

Track List :

1. Destruction zero (Malaysia)
2. Lowsing end (Indonesia)
3. Quarrel Phase (Indonesia)
4. Faith runner (Indonesia)
5. Empat belas (Indonesia)
6. The chance (Indonesia)
7. Skatanixs (Malaysia)
8. Last action hero (Indonesia)
9. Torch light (Indonesia)
10. Brain floss (Indonesia)
11. Petir (Indonesia)
12. Mom's Day (Germany)
13. Failing forward (Indonesia)
14. Fear Of Truth (Indonesia)
15. We ride (Spain)
16. A little enough (Indonesia)
17. Grey grace (Indonesia)
18. AID (Spain)
19. From the tracks (Scotland)
20. Baku hantam (Indonesia)
21. Right mind (Australia)
22. This is a standoff (Canada)
23. Rejected Kids (Indonesia)
24. A Strength Within (Belgium)
25. L.R.P / League Of Resistance People (Indonesia)
26. Overload (Indonesia)
27. Nikson (Hungary)
28. Relentless (Australia)
29. Reason To Die (Indonesia)
30. Wonderful Thrashed (Indonesia)

Note : Thanks for all the band who support this compilation. I really appreciate it.

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