Interview with Right Mind.

Finaly i've got something to share, here's my first interview with Tyronne Gietzmann (Right Mind Vocals) .Well for you who doesn't really know about these guys, Right Mind are, Tyronne- Vocals, Daniel- Drums, Jake- Gutiar, Heath-Guitar, Harley- Bass, a Youthcrew Hardcore Punk band from Melbourne, Victoria (Australia). One thing that make me get interested from this band is their faith about Hardcore music, their view of life, and their spirit which make me more trust that if you choose underground scene, yes this is a place where there's no diferent between us, hey what are you waiting for??!! lets read the interview bellow !! :D

1. Hey dude, how you doin?can you introduce yourself?

 Hey man, my name is Tyronne and I'm the vocalist in Right Mind

2. Can you explain me the story how the band (Right mind) can be formed?

Well Right Mind came together in early 2010. My friends Daniel and Heath started to jam tunes together while I was staying in NSW for a few months. When I got back they proposed we should start a Youthcrew band because it's something we all love and no one in Melbourne was playing the music we wanted to hear the most. They asked me to be the vocalist and I straight away said yes. I was eager to be apart of something that would give back to a scene that has helped shape me as a person and a man. I also love writing so it was exciting to be able to express myself through lyrics. So we had Heath on guitar and Daniel on drums ( even though he was a guitarist/bass player by choice) We then found ourselves a bass player in our friend Harley and then were offically a functioning band. At the start we settled on a name called Face Tomorrow after a Mouthpiece song. We would regularly jam at Daniels parents house weekly. After months of practice we played a few shows with dodgy booking agents and released our first demo. The end result was a rushed and poor sounding demo mainly due to the lack of power in my voice as it was the first time I had ever done this thing before. After that we decided to write more songs and grow as a band. We welcomed a second guitarist Jake who really helped us further and complete our band. We kept playing shows and introducing new songs until we got comfortable with what we had and as a result I finally found a voice, we as a band were content with. During this time we had some issues with members interest and investment in the band(due to poor shows and lack of interest from people)
But we had started to write some good material that we were actually impressed with and widened our direction and goals for the band. We decided to write songs about socio political and environmental issues we witness everyday than just about friends and hardcore thats been done to death. That was when I decided to change the bands name to Right Mind which I found when I was researching Buddhism for my own personal interest. We found with the new songs, approach and new name that all of it, reinvigorated us as a band. We started playing more shows and making a name for ourselves in our local scene. Recorded this demo and thats the story of how Right Mind came to be.

3. Why you guys choose Right mind as the band name??

Right Mind is a shortened term for Right Mindfulness which is a term in Buddhist teaching about trying to maintain a balanced mental state. I think that this attitude sums up positive hardcore. Through this music(hardcore punk)we are all trying to achieve an understanding within ourselves and the world around us.

4. Why you guys choose hardcore as the band genre?

I guess because hardcore punk(and punk also) is the music that we all found and fell in love with. Its the only music that I think, try's to find the truth in our world through the most honest way. Through everyday people. There is no rock star mentality, gimmicks. It's just everyday people expressing how the feel about the world and how the perceive it. I'm not saying it's perfect there are lots of people who exploit the scene but when there are sincere people it is a wonderful thing. Hardcore can give us the tools to be better people and understand the world we live in and the people in it. Hardcore is more than music. It's a way of life. That's why we are in this scene because it has given us something, we can never truly repay. Something to live for.

5. How about the hardcore scene in your country??

Hardcore in australia is okay I guess. There are some great bands out their but there has been a slow decline I feel. Venues for AA shows are expensive and it's become rarer for them to happen unless it's a bigger band touring which means younger kids arnt seeing local hardcore acts. The scene have become segregated in their own genres and have become narrow minded and only starting bands that is what's "in" at the time. I go to a show and I find maybe one band in 5 who will actually speak about things that are wrong with the world or speak about what their songs are about. I feel like the essence and substance of hardcore is slipping here. That could just be me become more jaded as I get older and seeing people drop out or suddenly change but I still have faith that this place will be as vibrant as I once remember.

6. I’ve heard your band demo, but can you explain me about the meaning of your song lyric? 

Well our first song No End is about us playing youthcrew in Melbourne. It was bigger 4 years ago but it's pretty much died out. People still listen to the old bands but they are not interested in starting this kinds of bands anymore.
Activate is about humanity's blatant disregard of respect towards mother nature.
Consumed is about money and greed can blind people into not showing empathy to the poorer people of society and that is it really making them happy anyway?
Still Standing is in fact a revived version from the old demo. It's about my personal view of hardcore when I first started really getting an idea of what hardcore is about and how I will stay in this scene in some way untill the day I die. So there you go!

7. What the biggest plan of right mind at the first time the band has started??

We didn't really have a plan. We just wanted to get out their and play our music and hopefully open people up to more positive ways of thinking.

8. By the way are you guys Straight edge?, Or is there anyone of you in the band who become a straight edge?

Daniel and myself are straight edge. Daniels been edge for 5 years and myself going on 4 years. But we are not a straight edge band. We accept that everyone lives their lives the way they want. All we would like to see is people living in a way that is respectful to those who are and what is around them.

9. How do you think about SxE life??
Well straight edge is extremely important to me as it's given me the clarity to be able to improve on myself so I can be the best I can be. I think that alcohol and drugs can make you numb to issues in your life, essentially running away from the problems we all have to face at one time or another. It also has taught me self discipline and control which is a useful tool and has given me the confidence to take on a vegetarian lifestyle too which I never thought I could do.

10. And how do you think about the people who hate SxE?? well i think we're all same, as long as we stayed in underground scene theres no different between us. how you think??

People can hate whatever they want. People put stereotype things like straight edge and lump everyone into who follow it or only see what want too about it and don't try to completely understand it. Straight edge is one of those things that slot of people abuse through negative and hurtful actions whole trying to get their pride and view on straight edge across and it has tainted the name. But it does nor matter what label, style or lifestyle you choose to live by. We are all in this amazing, true underground scene. We should learn to accept and cherish everyone that graces it's doors and leave the prejudices outside in the world we hate. Because hardcore SHOULD be about acceptance and unity and understanding the world we live in .
( I do not assume that only the hardcore scene who have this kind of thinking. i know all music genre is basically same, and convey a similar message, perhaps only a few musicians who make underground as their self profit field  -Pelacur kata-).

12. What the future plan of Rightmind?

Well the plans for Right Mind is simply to write and play music that we can be proud of and love playing. In doing that meet new people and see new places to further out understanding of the world. Deffinately a SE Asia tour in the future.

13. And about hope, what hope that you guys want for hardcore music itself? 

Well I can't speak for every member of the band but I would like to see hardcore keep evolving and changing and growing but never forgetting the basic principles of how and why it started.

14. Honestly i've run out all of my questions. :D but can you give us (Indonesian people) some last message about hardcore, underground scene, or anything??

I think that everyone in the underground community should support each other. Try to not let genres, views and lifestyles get in the way of playing side by side. We are all in it for the passion and the heart of what it means to us. Make it a welcoming and accepting place where everyone can come together and voice their opinions and everyone always treating each other with respect and curtesy. Bring peace and tolerance into your scenes not violence and hatred because that is what we are trying to get away from, why ruin our haven with society's stigmas? (Yeah my favorite words from Tyrone :) )

Well thanks for letting me do this interview.

.: Thanks a lot for Tyronne Gietzmann (Right Mind Vocals) who are willing to give his time to do this interview :.

also check their official : 



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