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An exciting interview with Marton Nagyszokolyai (Nikson, Guitar Vox), actually Nikson is one of my favorite "Skatepunk Band", well for you who doesn't really know about Nikson, they'are hungarian Skatepunk band formed since 2005, on this interview Marton talk about the history of Nikson, the future plan and he share anything about Nikson. Don't waste your time, let's read the interview. .!!!

1. Hey dude, how you  doin?can you introduce the all of member?

Hey, im fine, thanks. NIKSON is a 4 piece band. Oli for singing and rhythm guitars, Sexy for bass, Dani for drums and me for singing and solo guitar parts. I think we make a really good team. The members are determined and spends lot of time with songwriting and practicing.

2. Can you explain me the story how the band (Nikson) can be formed?

The NIKSON story starts back in 2005. Oli and me formed the band. We used to skateboard and had no girlfriends. I said to Oli: "Hey dude, lets be rockstars, cuz rockstars have girls.", He said "Okay, lets do it!" This is how all started. At the begining we had a girl drummer but as time passed by quite lot of members changed. This line-up is now 1 (one) years old and seems final.

3. Why you guys choose Nikson as the band name??

It's kind of a strange thing, cuz we had no idea how to call the band. We spend tons of time to figure out what should it be. One day Oli came up with this... "Let's call ourselfs NIKSON, cuz Nixon is my favorite watch brand"  I said: "Okay its sounds cool!"

4. Why you guys choose skatepunk as the band genre??

We choosed skatepunk, pop-punk, because our favorite bands are New Found Glory, Allister, Rufio, Bad Religion etc who influenced us to write our songs. I think our sound is a mix of all these artist spiced with our own taste and own lyrics. We get something new in the songs on every new album we make.

5. How do you think about skatepunk/Punk music itself?

It's hard the get an objective answer for this question, cuz pop-punk music is my favorite genre. What I think is that these genres will change a bit, cuz you have to do something new all the time to get the peoples interest. So the basics will remain but some new sounds, instruments, ways will come in these genres. I think pop-punk, skatepunk will have a 2nd renessaince soon.

6. What the biggest plan of Nikson at the first time Nikson has started??

The biggest plan, haha! :) You will say im joking but I’m not… the biggest plan was to play our songs infront of thousands of people. We still have to achieve this but many goals changed and added to our list. For example get to everywhere in the globe and play for all the fans we have. It would be great to visit Indonesia, Australia, USA, Canada etc. We love to tour and share the music we make with every single person.

7. How about the skatepunk/Punk scene in your country??

To be honest, it’s difficult to answer this question. Hungary have tons of talented artist, musicians, singers etc and they all would like to make it in the music business. As for punk, pop-punk, punk-rock bands it’s 10 times harder cuz you know, you have to make something new, something worthy. Nowadays pop and metalcore, hardcore music are the types people mostly like but can’t say this for sure. You can’t be a preacher in your own country. Hungary prefers bands, singers who are singing in hungarian. That’s just the way it is…

8. Ive heard your band song, but can you explain me about the meaning of your song lyric?

Our songs are mostly about life itself. Past loves and difficulties, problems what occurs in our lives. So it’s all about our personal feelings and comes from our own background. We try to tell the people all the stuff how problems can be solved or how to get over things.

9. What the message which contained in the song lyrics??

The main messege is to be yourselfs and take the control of your own lifes! Nobody should tell you what to do or how to do it!

10. What the mission / or is there any mission of Nikson for this scene (Punk scene)??

We just want to play our music and try to make the living out of the stuff we really love to do. It would be really awesome if we could achieve this. The fans, the music, the stages and the love are the most important things for us! We really love the artist we’ve listened to while we were kids. It would be really awesome if our children could listen to these too.

11. What the future plan of Nikson??

As for future plans I’d like to say what we are doing at the moment. Our music videos are on UK’s KERRANG TV now and we will sign shortly to an Australian media group so hopefully our promotion will grown and we can visit these countries to do tours. Our main goal is to play everywhere in the world. About the future plans: We are doing a Hungary tour this autumn, hopefully a UK tour in the spring and we go back to the Czech Republic and play as much as we can.

12. Well about hope, what hope that you guys want for skatepunk music itself?

We hope more and more people will listen to skatepunk, pop-punk music again and the 2nd renessaince will be here soon.

13. Can you give us (Indonesian Skatepunkers) some last message about Skatepunk music.?? i mean what we must do so we could survive on this skatepunk scene.
Play as much shows as you can, improve your music, your stage act and promote yourselfs through the internet. It would be the best if you could build up your own fan-base, contact base and as a DIY band do whatever you can. If you work a lot, then maybe all with turn out good! (yeaah D.I.Y rules. .!! :P)

Thanks for the interview! ;)

.: Thanks a lot for Marton Nagyszokolyai (Nikson, Guitar Vox) who are willing to give his time to do this interview :.

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