From The Tracks - Fasst, Smart and Technical

An awesome melodic hardcore band from Scotland, since 2008 till now. 

Mike : Guitar / vox

Patrik : Bass

Sean : Guitar / vox

Gavin : Drum / vox

The band which most of their member is ex- sicktrick member is really smart, technical and fasst, Their first album released on 2009 which called "This machine and i", this album was released without partner and then they released they second album which called "Recover"  released by "Kick as record". on 2010 they back and released new album which called "This Machine And Eye". now in 2011 they will back with their new album. 

If you can't wait longer to hear their new album this is the demo of their upcoming album :


01. Shout At The World

02. This Is What Separates Us All

03. Never Ender

04. On A Wire

05. Generic To The Core

support the band, buy their merch, album and go to their shows. 

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